Dragon Ball Super Gives Fans A First-Look At Super Saiyan Rose

(Photo: Twitter / @you_bet_11)After plenty of speculation, it looks like Dragon Ball Super got an [...]

super saiyan rose
(Photo: Twitter / @you_bet_11)

After plenty of speculation, it looks like Dragon Ball Super got an all-new hair color for one saiyan. The popular anime teased the transformation's change by introducing fans to Super Saiyan Rose. And, unsurprisingly, hardcore Dragon Ball fans are geeking out over the new look.

Unlike previous Super Saiyan iterations, Black Goku's transformation leaves him with a distinctly reddish-purple aura. And, most strikingly, the character can be seen with almost white-pink hair. Clearly, the color is a departure from other Super Saiyan levels which leave characters with blond, blue, white, or even purple hair. Of course, the teaser does little to explain what the Super Saiyan Rose coloring means, but fans expect the power-up to given Black Goku specific powers which will put Blue Vegeta and Blue Goku at a major disadvantage.

After all, next week's episode promises fans they'll see a rematch between Black Goku and the two other Saiyans. Episode 55 saw Vegeta pummeling Black Goku who barely flinched at the over-powered onslaught. Seriously, Vegeta was already in his Super Saiyan Blue form and struggled to take down his opponent. Fans, obviously, were then surprised when episode 56's preview showed Black Goku suddenly transforming into the Super Saiyan Rose state.

Currently, fans are speculating Black Goku's new state may have derived from his previous battle with Goku. If Black Goku was able to siphon off some of the other's power, then Super Saiyan Rose might be the opposite of Super Saiyan Blue. After all, Black Goku and Goku seem to be total opposites in and of themselves. It would make sense for the pair's Saiyan states to conflict big time.

It goes without saying that fans are eager to see what next week's Dragon Ball Super episode will bring. Of course, many are hoping they'll see a legendary 'Gogeta Blue' team-up should Vegeta and Goku take on their rose-colored enemy together. And, if Black Goku is somehow able to fend them off with his Super Saiyan state, then that means the Super Saiyan Rose transformation is somehow more powerful than two Super Saiyan Blue states combined. With that kind of power at Black Goku's disposal, then the Dragon Ball universe would be in for some serious trouble.

For now, all fans can do is enjoy the preview's still and anticipate the massive showdown that's to come next week when Dragon Ball Super returns.