Dragon Ball Z Featured In Ford Ad


With Star Wars: The Force Awakens making all of the monies and dozens of geek-centric films and video games expected to break the bank between now and 2020, it's arguably not surprising that mainstream advertisers would be courting that dollar, too.

But a whole Ford Fusion commercial done without any live action component, and starring characters from Dragon Ball Z?

That's admittedly pretty surprising...!

Yes, this is a legitimate Ford commercial. Here's what the auto manufacturer had to say about it in the YouTube description:

Dragon Ball Z's Krillin and Gohan have three wishes… but who needs three wishes when you can have the complete package in a 2016 Ford Focus?


The Focus has a lot to offer. Yes, it's a great drive – responsive and fun. But it's also the most equipped Focus to date, with features that deliver more by design – from comfort to convenience. With a standard Rearview Camera, EPA estimated 42 highway miles per gallon* and optional Sony audio system**, the 2016 Ford Focus delivers on convenience and fun.