Dwayne Johnson To Join Disney's Jungle Cruise

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has signed on to Disney’s Jungle Cruise, an upcoming blockbuster inspired by the Disney Parks ride.

The film, which will seek to make a franchise out of a theme park ride a la Pirates of The Caribbean, has also tapped John Requa and Glenn Ficarra to pen the screenplay. Their prior credits include the Will Smith heist film Focus, and Crazy Stupid Love. Davis Entertainment, the production group behind the Man From U.N.C.L.E., will produce.

Disney has sought to turn the theme park ride, which takes parkgoers on an exotic trip the though the Nile Rilver, the Congo River, and the Animal Kingdom, since 2004, when Pirates was at peak popularity.

“[Disney production president] Sean Bailey and Disney have been awesome partners and now the fun part begins,” Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter. “We’re starting to put in the work with Requa and Ficarra and our creative team. Fired up about this one. Here we go.”


As preproduction begins, it’s unclear when the film will see release. Much of that may depend on Johnson’s busy schedule, which is already quite booked with a Rampage movie, the eighth Fast and Furious , and Shazam!

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