Eminem Comments On His Love Of Spider-Man, Batman & More


Earlier today on Genius.com, the iconic Detroit rapper Eminem provided in-depth commentary to many of his lyrics. The one annotation that caught our eye had to do with his comic book-based lyrics in "Rap God", which was featured on his 2013 album "The Marshall Mathers LP 2."

Lyric: "Kneel before General Zod this planet's Krypton No Asgard, Asgard. So you be Thor and I'll be Odin, you rodent, I'm omnipotent"

"I've always been into comic books. Spiderman, Hulk, old Batmans, Supermans — mostly vintage Marvel s**t from before I was born. Just being able to have those pieces of history is crazy. I would not want to face off with somebody comparing comic book knowledge, but I know a pretty good amount." – Eminem, annotating "Rap God."

If you're a fan of Eminem, his enthusiasm for comic books should come as no surprise. Many of his songs and music videos have references them. He's has an outstanding comic book collection that is highlighted with Amazing Fantasy #15 - the first appearance of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. He's also appeared in a couple Marvel Comics alongside Iron Man and The Punisher.


Expect a new Eminem song to be featured in Jake Gyllenhaal's new Antoine Fuqua-directed flick Southpaw.