Eternal Warrior Returns in Archer & Armstrong #5


This weekend at Baltimore Comic-Con, Valiant Entertainment announced the return of The Eternal Warrior. In addition to being a character who once headlined his own hot-selling series, the character is the brother of Armstrong, one of the title characters in Fred Van Lente's fan-favorite Valiant series Archer & Armstrong, which Van Lente discusses with monthly. "Armstrong and Gilad just do not see eye-to-eye. They're brothers, but their similarities end at genetics," Van Lente told USA Today. "Gilad sees [immortality] as a duty to fight for right, Armstrong sees it as an opportunity to drink as much booze and spend as much time with as many beautiful ladies as he can — so this issue is mostly fists, minimal hugs. We'll see if they can work things out before the four-issue arc ends." Later in the week, we'll talk to Van Lente about The Eternal Warrior and his impact on both Archer & Armstrong and the Valiant Universe coming up. In the meantime, though, check out the covers for Archer & Armstrong #5, which features the first appearance of The Eternal Warrior in the relaunched Valiant Universe. The issue will hit the stands in December, with interlocking variant covers as well as a pullbox variant for subscribers at the direct market level only. Archer & Armstrong #5 features a standard cover by Patrick Zircher, a Pullbox Exclusive Variant by Doug Braithwaite and interlocking incentive variants by Emanuela Lupacchino. The story itself is written by Van Lente with art by Lupacchino, of X-Factor fame.