Every LEGO Fan Needs This Table

(Photo: Etsy)

There are tables, and then there this table.

Constructed out of a wooden base, covered with LEGO bricks with over 250 minifigures inside. Esty member Legotings wanted to start a new career making this sort of furniture, and is charging premium prices too for such a piece.

At over $7,000, this piece can be yours. They set up 20 different LED light patterns to show off the crazy scenario within. The glass is removable as well. Just check out this closer look.

Given how much LEGO sets go for and combining his crafting skills, do you think a table like this is worth that much? It's quite unique for sure, and if you live in the UK, for an extra 50 GBP, they will drive it personally to you.


Fans in the States that might have wanted this will have to pay shipping, and I can't even imagine what that would be.