Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Cancelled Nintendo/Playstation Console

It's long been a myth spoken of amongst only the most diehard gamers. After all, when news broke about a mysterious 'Nintendo Playstation' console prototype, many remained skeptical of its existence. However, the fabled collaboration was confirmed to have existed with just 200 prototypes made. And, now, people are more interested than ever in seeing what the Nintendo Playstation had to offer for fans back in early 90s.

Ben Heckendorn, better-known as Ben Heck, recently uploaded a video to Youtube where he breaks down the Nintendo Playstation to discover what secrets its circuitry guts hold. The self-taught tech expert tears down the system in what can only be described as curious revelry as Ben carefully inspects everything from the prototype's casing to its motherboard.

In the video, Ben finds that Sony clearly invested a lot of resources into the console as many of their video chips crowded the Nintendo Playstation's innards. However, the console also shows signs of the companies' collaboration as both Playstation and Nintendo chips are littered throughout the device.

Ben also informs his viewers that the Nintendo Playstation lacked the power to make Sony's inclusion worthwhile as the prototype wouldn't have been powerful enough to compete with the Super Nintendo, a cartridge-based console. While the Nintendo Playstation did house a CD drive that was twice as fast as the Sega CD, the console's overall lack of power made it inferior to Sega's devices.

While Ben's console wasn't fully functional prior to the breakdown, fans were excited to hear the tech guru believed he might be able to repair it. As the protoype's CD drive was malfunctioning, Ben thinks a few tweaks could make the console run as intended. If Ben is able to pull off the fix, then he'd be reviving a piece of long-forgotten gaming history that both Nintendo and Playstation might rather leave in the past. While the companies' collaboration ended in some Taylor Swift-esque 'Bad Blood,' the fallout did ultimately push Sony to develop their own home console called the Playstation. So, gamers might think twice before lamenting the loss of the Nintendo Playstation.

As Nintendo and Sony still sit as two of the gaming industry's biggest creators, it's a shame to know their crossover console did bite the dust. But, who knows? Maybe the two will sort out their differences and attempt another collaboration in the future.

If such a thing were to happen, which games would you like to see adapted for the console? Let us know in the comments below!