Family Guy’s New Intro Theme Song With Vinny The Dog Instead Of Brian Griffin

Vinny the Dog

Will Brian Griffin return to Family Guy? It’s not looking good for the recently deceased dog, who was replaced with a new dog named Vinny. The “Into Harmony’s Way” episode of Family Guy that aired tonight is the first new episode since Brian Griffin was killed.

In the intro theme song to the episode, Brian Griffin was replaced by Vinny the Dog. The fact that producers took time to have a new intro theme song with Vinny the Dog made certainly seems to be a hint that Brian Griffin won’t be returning right away.

Recent news media reports that Brian Griffin will be returning in the “Christmas Guy” episode seem to be based on nothing more than a fan theory and the fact that FOX hasn’t updated the character list for the show. Brian Griffin is still listed on the character list for the “Christmas Guy” episode, which many have interpreted as proof that he will return in the episode. But Brian Griffin was also listed on the character list for the “Into Harmony’s Way” episode, and he did not appear on tonight’s show.

Check out the new Family Guy intro theme song with Vinny the Dog below.