Fate Of Marvel's Agent Carter Will Be Decided In 3 Weeks


Today, Hayley Atwell (Black Mirror) attended Chicago's C2E2 and at the pop culture convention there was a message informing fans when they can expect to hear about the fate of a second season of Agent Carter.

A hand-written "frequently asked question" message was attached to Hayley Atwell's autograph stand. The note reads: "We will know in 3 weeks if Agent Carter is renewed for another season. But it looks good given the fan response."

Agent Carter finished its 8-episode run back in February and yet there still hasn't been any word on if an additional season will get the green light from ABC. For comparison, Daredevil was released earlier this month and a second season of it was green lit by Netflix within two weeks of its premiere.


Does Marvel's Agent Carter deserve a second season?