First Look At Image Comics' ODY-C By Matt Fraction And Christian Ward

USA Today has a new preview of Matt Fraction and Christian Ward's upcoming tale on the epic poetry of Homer, ODY-C.

ODY-C is a gender-flipped, cosmic interpretation of Homer's The Odyssey, following the exploits and adventures of Odyssia, a female version of Odysseus.

Last week, interviewed Fraction and he spoke about the new series.

"As I get into writing the story, I'm not sure that there are going to be many men in it," says Fraction. "It's a re-telling of the Odyssey in chronological order, along with the stories of the other warriors that left Troy, like Agamemnon. All of the men are women, and it's all in deep space. It's very cosmic, very hallucinatory science fiction. We have this entire universe that Christian Ward is designing, and the whole cloth is so eye-popping. Hopefully it's a little brain bending and mind-melting. It's all of these myths that are 26 centuries old, combined with post-Kirby cosmic sensibilities and gender politics. It's as much Margaret Atwood as it is Wonder Woman."

Check out the preview below:


ODY-C First Look

ODY-C #1 goes on sale November 26.