First Pokemon GO Player Confirms They've Caught Them All

You’ve got to give it up to Nick Johnson. The famed Pokemon GO players made headlines after he [...]

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You've got to give it up to Nick Johnson. The famed Pokemon GO players made headlines after he became the first trainer to catch all of the North American pocket monsters, and now Johnson has literally caught 'em all. The trainer has officially caught all of the characters available in Pokemon GO.

After receiving a sponsorship from Expedia and Marriott Rewards, Johnson was given the chance to travel the world in search of some very particular geo-locked pokemon. The trainer was flown to Paris, Hong Kong, and Sydney in his travels to catch the exclusive characters. And, just yesterday, Johnson stumbled upon the final creature he needed to complete his collection, a Kangaskhan. Exclusive to Australia and New Zealand, Johnson said he found the pokemon 'waiting' for him outside of Tommy Bahama shop.

Johnson said he was able to find these final pokemon with the help of other trainers who provided him with tips. In fact, Johnson was able to find Mr. Mime in Paris much the same way as someone tipped him off to the character's location during an interview. Obviously excited, Johnson hurried to the area he was directed to and eventually caught the clownish creature around midnight while riding in an Uber.

With his collection now complete, Johnson still has one more stop on his worldwide tour: Tokyo. The trainer arrived to the city today, and one can only guess Johnson is enjoying some leisure time in the city. After all, he is in the birthplace of Pokemon. And, when you consider how popular Pokemon GO is in Japan, we can only assume he'll be receiving a warm welcome from local trainers.

In regards to playing the app, Johnson said his accomplishment won't keep him from enjoying Pokemon GO. Apparently, he's very excited for Niantic's impending roll out of legendary pokemon and looks forward to updating his extensive collection as more characters are updated in the future.

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