Flash Star Grant Gustin Weighs in on Zoom's Secret Identity

(Photo: The CW)

No one expects a member of The Flash's cast to just outright give up Zoom's secret identity. After all, they all held back on Reverse Flash, and he was just a time-traveler, not a character who is possibly/probably a doppleganger from a parallel universe!

But that doesn't mean Grant Gustin, who stars in The CW's hit as Barry Allen, and his castmate Carlos Valdes (Cisco) can't give some teases, as they did for EW ahead of this week's new episode titled, "Enter Zoom."

"It's very clear in Tuesday's episode that Zoom is not a threat to be taken lightly," Valdes told them. "It's definitely a slow burn because of the magnitude of this evil. Cisco and Barry know together that the best way to take down this villain is to think things through, and to work together to really give it time, and to train."

Barry comes face-to-face with the dark speedster tonight, and Gustin said, "It becomes immediately clear to Barry, 'Maybe I'm not ready for this.' It's pretty scary. It's going to be one of the more disturbing things, I think, that the viewers will have seen happen to Barry."


As far as who's behind the mask, well, Gustin covers all his bases. After joking that he thinks it's "Felicity" from Arrow, he goes down the list. "A lot of people think it’s Henry Allen [John Wesley Shipp], some people think It’s Eddie Thawne [Rick Cosnett], some people think it’s Barry from Earth-Two."

"There are infinite possibilities, really. It could turn out to be a number of characters," he teased. He also claims he doesn't know who's under the mask. "I don't really know the answer, so I'm not sure."