G-Man Online Game Announced from Image Comics


Even though the comic book hasn't even hit store shelves yet, artist Chris Giarusso, noted for his work on Mini-Marvels, is expanding the experience for readers of his upcoming Image Comics' series G-Man: Cape Crisis by introducing an online video game based on the series."While it's not necessary for fans of the comic to play the game, we do promise it will expand on the series' storyline, allowing a total immersion experience into the world of G-Man: Cape Crisis," said Giarusso. The Flash-based game, will have players searching for pieces of G-Man's magic cape. The game also features other characters from the character's universe, such as Sun Trooper and Great Man. The game play feels very much like Alleyway, and is a fun diversion for readers! The first issue of the five-part series debuts next week, August 12th!