Game Of Thrones Season 7 Casting Info Released

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(Photo: HBO)

After finishing Game of Thrones' last season, fans have lots to be curious about. Season 6 ended with Daenery preparing to invade Westros while Jon Snow and Cersei Lannister fought two very different wars. aS the show now so removed from George R.R. Martin's eponymous novels, it's difficult for fans to now predict where HBO's series will head next season - but isn't stopping them from trying. With a new list of Season 7 casting calls circulating around the Internet, it's time for fans to dust of their sleuthing skills.

Courtesy of Watchers on the Wall, several casting calls for next season have made their way online for curious fans. The list contains 9 different roles, and of course, the descriptions hold off on naming any characters. If you want to check out the list, feel free to read it below, but do be warned! Spoiler could lie ahead!

"General, in the age range 40 – 55. He's a senior military officer, and they're looking for a white actor who uses the British RP accent. The actor is needed for the week of September 6th.

Priest, in his 60's. He's a venerable priest with moral authority and gravitas. The show is seeking a white actor, using an RP accent, with characterful face for this part. He's scheduled to shoot one week, from September 22nd.

Warrior, in the 35 – 45 age range. The character is a tough-looking bruiser with the attack skills of a pit bull, and the actor needs to be great at fighting. He has a "considerable" amount of dialogue as well. It's described as an "excellent part for a top-end actor." Helpful clues in the description? We know it's not a Dothraki character as the actor for the role is required to be white, and they're asking for a neutral and non-posh English accent. This role is currently scheduled to shoot across October.

Gate Guard, in his 20's. The character is described as a "Confident, characterful, straight-talking Northern lad with a great face to play across a very excellent series of scenes." They're looking someone with wit, timing, and charisma. He's currently scheduled to film between mid-October and mid-November.

City Guard, in his 30's. The show is casting for a city guard who intercepts a suspicious-looking person on his nightly patrol. They require an RP accent for this one. He's set to shoot for a week in mid-October.

Merchant, in his 40's. The merchant appears at an inn during a busy evening. They're seeking a character actor, for a non-combatant role. His appearance is more open, including ethnicity/race. That suggests a character appearing somewhere in Essos- or a place we've never been before, since Daenerys is now on the move. This part is scheduled to shoot the first week of November.

Lovely Lady. Ah yes, what would Game of Thrones be without its courtesans and nudity. The show is casting for an attractive young courtesan who is sure of her own mind. It's described as a "good speaking part" and casting notes that full nudity is required for the role. Similar to the merchant, the lovely lady's physical appearance is open, indicating this role is for somewhere on Essos, or at a new location. She's scheduled to shoot for one week in early October.

Young Lord in his late 20's. He's a tall, handsome young lord, and the show is looking for a white actor who uses the RP accent. He's scheduled to shoot in the week commencing September 20th.

Lieutenant, in his 20's. The character is described as an athletic, physically fit, and disciplined warrior. Appearance-wise, they're looking for someone not white, with Middle Eastern descent mentioned. This bears the hallmarks of a Dothraki character description. He's set to shoot several days across three weeks, between mid-September and mid-November."

Clearly, a whole host of new characters will be hitting Game of Thrones next season. However, it does look like most of these roles are shooting for a short time, indicating the characters will likely star in an episode or two before (probably) being killed off. After all, that's kind of Game of Thrones' thing.

Still, there are a couple of notable casting calls. The priest, for instance, is grabbing attention in the wake of Cersei's bombastic actions last season. Since she did pretty much blown up the Sept of Baelor, another religious figurehead might crop up in King's Landing following Cersei's coronation.

The warrior casting description is also creating buzz, mostly because it indicates the role is perfectly suited for a "top-end actor." Whoever is cast as the character will be shooting for a month, leading fans to believe the character won't be in for a simple cameo. Another character, Gate Guard, is also set to shoot over an entire month. As both roles request white actors with non-posh and Northern accents respectively, fans are speculating the two characters could be connected in some way to Jon Snow.


As for the rest of the characters, the call sheet says the show needs a lot of RP. If you're not sure what that is, RP stands for 'received pronunciation," otherwise known as 'Queen's English' or 'BBC English.' It's considered the standard, and more posh, English accent in comparison to the UK's regional fare. Most often, RP is heard in Game of Thrones through higher-class families and residents of King's Landing. So, it's likely that the city is getting some new faces to replace those which Cersei got rid of.

For now, fans can speculate about what these casting calls mean as shooting for Game of Thrones' seventh season heads underway. The season, though, will be a bit different from its predecessors as HBO announced Season 7 will appropriately contain seven episodes when it airs next year.