Geoff Johns, Sterling Gates Contributed to Man of Steel Comic

Man Of Steel Comic Cover

While Warner Bros. and Wal-Mart have so far promoted the Man of Steel prequel comic as being written by the film's writer, David S. Goyer, its release this morning (with pre-order of a Wal-Mart screening ticket)  - the final credits, revealed on the comic's first page, actually provide a fuller picture...and some more familiar names.

The comic's story, which revolves around Superman's cousin Kara Zor-El, was actually plotted by Goyer, the film's director Zack Snyder and DC Entertainment's Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. The script was written by former Supergirl writer and frequent Johns collaborator Sterling Gates. Art, as was the first to report yesterday, is provided by Jerry Ordway with inks by Ordway, Joe Rubenstein, Bob McLeod and Bob Wiacek and colors by Hi-Fi.

Ordway was a key creative component during the era of Superman comics released following John Byrne's The Man of Steel. Johns's Superman: Last Son of Krypton trade paperback is one of the key pieces of source material for the film. Gates's Supergirl run was a fan-favorite that left many wanting more. All in all, the team seems custom-fit to the project.

The digital comic can be accessed via Vudu after you buy your ticket and redeem an Ultraviolet code; along with it comes three episodes of Superman: The Animated Series ("A Little Piece of Home," "Stolen Memories" and "Feeding Time") and the opportunity to pre-order the movie on Blu-Ray.