God of War Comic Book on the Way, Thanks to DC

The bloody good and, well, just bloody, video game series God of War will be slicing and dicing its way onto comic book store shelves later this year, in October by the look of things, thanks to a partnership between Sony and DC Comics. In speaking with IGN, the writer for the series, Marv Wolfman, expressed a keen and deep appreciation for the video game series, focusing on Kratos, out for revenge against classical Greek god of war, Ares, saying, "What I love about the game is it's not just a button masher, but that you go from really imaginative fight scenarios to strong strategy play. I also love the basic concept that the very first image we see in the original game is Kratos trying to commit suicide but the Gods won't let him. We're immediately drawn into his story, so the game is about a character and a mystery rather than just - go fight him." The six-issue miniseries will end just in time for the release of God of War III on PlayStation 3 consoles. Focusing on what happens between God of War and God of War II, the story will be a combination of things, namely a shift between how Kratos got to the position he was in as a character in the video games, and what happens in the time of the "present", namely the time between those games. Fans of the game series will also want to check out a new line of books based on the game, debuting in March of 2010, just in time for the God of War III release. All this reading should keep you busy in time to play the game when it debuts in less than a year!