Gotham PD TV Series Rumored To Be In The Works


We're going to label this one as rumor, but is reporting that Warner Bros is developing a Gotham PD TV series. According to the site, Warner Bros. is preparing to hire a writer to create a script for a Gotham PD inspired TV series, which would actually be set in the world of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.

The Gotham PD TV series would be set between the events of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, which was a time period when Batman disappeared. The series would revolve around the Gotham Police Department and Batman would not be featured, so it would essentially be a Batman TV series without Batman. doesn't cite a source for their information, and the idea of a Gotham PD spinoff from the Dark Knight trilogy is an idea that has surfaced online before, but it's usually been as speculation and fan fiction. In fact, even speculated way back in July of last year that a Gotham Central spinoff from the Dark Knight Rises focusing on James Gordon and the Gotham PD would be a great idea.

With Marvel Studios launching an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. set in the Avengers movie universe, it's not outside the realm of reason that Warner Bros. might attempt to do the same thing with their most successful superhero movie franchise. However, Christopher Nolan has repeatedly stated that his Dark Knight trilogy has ended on the big screen, so it would seem odd that he would allow it to continue on the small screen. However, Christopher Nolan's brother Jonathan "Jonah" Nolan is reportedly involved, so that might be enough for Christopher Nolan to give the series his blessing.