Gotham Premiere Episode: First Early Reviews Are Positive

Gotham Premiere Screening

Last night, Fox held the first press screenings for the premiere episode of the new Gotham TV series, which features James Gordon and a young Bruce Wayne before he became Batman.

After the screenings in New York and LA, the first short reviews of the episode started to hit Twitter, and they appear to be extremely positive.

Examiner columnist Phyllis Thomas tweeted, "Loved the screening of @Gotham @ben_mckenzie and @donallogue are the ultimate bad ass team. Can't forget @jadapsmith and Fish. This fall"

AP writer Alicia Rancilio tweeted, "Just caught an advance screening of the #Gotham premiere. Loved it. So good. Excited for @ben_mckenzie and the rest of the cast."

TV Guide editor Adam Bryant tweeted, "Had a great time at the @Gotham screening. Very intrigued to see more. Great chatting with you again, @ben_mckenzie!"

Give Me My Remote's Marisa Roffman tweeted, "Loved seeing #Gotham on the big-screen. Gorgeous show, and Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue make great on-screen partners. Excited for ep 2!"

HitFix's Daniel Fienberg tweeted, "The proof will be in the Ep.7 or Ep.9 or E.11 of it, but FOX's #Gotham is a really solid, well-made pilot. It's well-cast, top-to-bottom, and the production values play higher in context than they have in the trailers. I can't shake the feeling that there are a lot of unfulfillable promises in #Gotham. But… good pilot."

Variety editor Brian Steinberg wrote, "And while the Dark Knight does not appear in the show, a young Bruce Wayne maintains a strong presence."

Zap2It writer Laurel Brown called Gotham excellent, but apparently liked Flash better. Brown tweeted, "Laurel's correct & definitive ranking of the 3 (all-excellent) new comic-based shows this fall: 1. #TheFlash, 2. #Gotham, 3. #Constantine." She also added, "To be clear, I liked all of the comic-book shows. I just wanted to rank them anyway. #TheFlash #Gotham #Constantine."