Guardians Of The Galaxy's Rocket Raccoon Invited To Join The Muppets

Guardians of the Galaxy is still in theaters and has fans buzzing. In particular, their gun-loving raccoon member, Rocket, has made quite an impression.

It seems that goes for more than just the human audiences. Speaking to MTV, Kermit the Frog of the Muppets said he was quite impressed with Rocket's performance, even extending him and invitation to join the Muppets.

“I saw ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ It was quite good, lots of action and adventure and a talking raccoon. I’m not quite sure why we never thought of that,” he said. “Rocket could always come and join the Muppets if it doesn’t work out over there.”

No word yet on whether or not Rocket will accept.

The Muppets: Most Wanted comes to Blu-ray and DVD August 12.