Heroes Officially Cancelled by NBC

What started out with a bang, NBC's breakout hit Heroes, is hoping to avoid going out with a whimper. After a first season that grabbed the attention of comic book fans and those not into the medium, the show suffered declining ratings, up and down plot points, and an entire season that left fans perplexed and, according to many message boards, disappointed. While the show did employ many standards of the comic book industry, dead characters who came back to life, sprawling storylines and super-powered adventures, the high cost of producing the show, along with other problems, has prompted NBC to not renew the hour-long drama for a fifth season.

There is the possibility of doing a mini-series or two-hour movie in order to bring some sort of closure to the series, but for now the show is coming to an end. NBC also has ordered several other hour-long series in the works this fall, and Heroes didn't appear to be in the grand scheme of the network's vision. The show has company in fellow cancelled NBC series such as Mercy, Trauma and one of the longest running shows in history, Law & Order.