Honest Trailers Takes On Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Celebrate the holidays with snark, as Screen Junkies have released their first Honest Trailer of the Christmas season, targeting Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

The Rankin-Bass stop-motion animated special is an accepted classic, of course, which spawned sequels, comic book spinoffs, and imitators like Community's fan-favorite stop-motion episode.

Originally broadcast on CBS, Dec. 8, 1972, the Christmas story is based on the popular song of the same title by Johnny Marks.

It recounts the tale of a shy reindeer whose Christmas spirit is dampened because his shiny nose makes him the target of bullying.

Pursued by an Abominable Snow Monster, inhabitants of Christmasville flee to the island of Misfit Toys in the Arctic wilderness where Yukon Cornelius, a prospector they meet along the way, comes to their rescue. Returning to Christmasville, they learn that bad weather may cause Christmas to be canceled. But Rudolph's headlight — his illuminated nose — saves the “foggy Christmas Eve” by serving as a beacon to guide Santa's sleigh.

Relive the film that takes your favorite christmas carol and turns it into an epic children's saga filled with so many side quests and plot twists that it rivals Lord of the Rings," they tease.