Humble Bundle Releases Holiday Manga Special

Humble Bundle is a webstore known for their deals on collections of video games sold at a low [...]

Humble Bundle is a webstore known for their deals on collections of video games sold at a low bundle price. A portion of the the proceeds go to charity, and the rest going to the game developers. The customer "pays what they want," but there are pre-determined price points that, if paid above, unlock more content. Recently, the site debuted a brand-new offering for post-holiday spenders, and they are going after manga fans in style.

For the next 13 days, you can pay what you want for a collection of science-fiction manga and get a great deal on a premium Crunchyroll subscription. The bundle features work from Tsutomu Nihei. Tsutomu is known for his cyperpunk artwork and has written many manga such as Blame!, Knights of Sidonia, and Biomega.

The product description from Humble Bundle can be found below:

"Behold our epic team-up with Tsutomu Nihei and Kodansha Comics! We've collected some of Nihei's most action-packed science fiction manga for your winter reading. Plus, we're even bundling one month's subscription to Crunchyroll, where you'll have full access to a massive library of manga – and ad-free anime, too!"

So for only $1, you can get one month of ad-free Crunchyroll as well as Blame Vol 1.

Crunchyroll is one of the biggest anime distributors in the world with over 200 anime shows streaming on their site on their site and over 50 manga available to read digitally.

Blame! is a manga set in a dystopic futur, where cyborgs and futuristic monsters rule the current world. It follows the character Killy as he wanders the ruins of that was once humanity and searches for the Net Terminal Genes.

For $8 or more, you get everything in the $1 tier as well as Blame Vol 2, and BLAME! Academy, and more.

Finally, for $17, you get all of what is mentioned above, as well as the complete collection of Knights of Sidonia Vol 1-15

Knights of Sidonia is a post apocalyptic anime that transports audiences into the future, particularly the year 3394. Earth has been destroyed by an alien race, and the last of the humanity lives on seed ships which have fled across the galaxy. However, when an alien assault is looming, an unlikely hero appears to help defend humanity and fight against the alien race.

These are some pretty amazing deals on must read sci-fi manga, and a good time to try out Crunchyroll for only a dollar if you have been looking for a place to watch good anime.

You can check out the deal here!