James Bond Spectre: Daniel Craig Has Knee Surgery After Injury

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Daniel Craig underwent minor knee surgery this past weekend, following an injury  he received while filming the latest James Bond film, Spectre

A representative from Eon Productions, which is producing Spectre, said that the injury did not interrupt Craig's filming schedule as 007 agent James Bond. According to the Eon, the surgery took place during a scheduled production break over Easter weekend. 

Craig will return to Eon's Pinewood Studios on April 22nd to resume filming Spectre, Eon stated. 

In the 24th James Bod film Spectre, Skyfall director Sam Mendes return for another globe-trotting adventure with 007. In the film, Daniel Craig's James Bond locks horns with the shadowy Spectre organization, a revived concept from the classic Sean Connery Bond film Dr. No. The movie also stars Christoph Waltz as rumored Spectre leader and villain Oberhauser, Ralph Fiennes a M, and Monica Bellucci as Lucia Sciarra.

Spectre opens on November 6. 


Via The BBC.