Jessica Jones Recap With Spoilers: AKA Top Shelf Perverts


Creeks sound in the dark, empty hallway outside of Jessica's apartment. Inside, Kilgrave looks at Jessica's files and photos of Hope. He uses her bathroom. He lurks into her bedroom. Someone knocks on the door. It's the neighbor, Ruben, with a plate of food. Kilgrave opens the door. Ruben asks who he is and what he's doing there. Kilgrave tells Ruben to tell him who he is and why he made Jessica banana bread. Ruben reveals he love Jessica.

Jessica gets kicked out of bar and thrown into some garbage bags on the street. A hobo wakes up and tells her she stinks before asking for a dollar. She tells him, "I'm a piece of shit and shit stinks." She gives him a Blimpie's Club Card which is two away from a free sub. Across the street, Hogarth's wife leave a clinic. Jessica follow her. She enters a subway station as Jessica creeps up on her. "Hey, Wendy!" she calls out. Wendy asks if she's been followed but Jessica demands Wendy sign the divorce papers. Jessica muscles her around and threatens her near the subway tracks. She holds her up over an imminent death on the tracks and talks about shame. Headlights illuminate the two of them as the trinapproaches. Jessica accidentally drops Wendy and jumps down to toss her back onto the platform. She stands in the way of the train, ready to take a hit, and jumps out of the way at the last minute.

Malcolm finds a drunk Jessica in the elevator. He's dressed like an 80's fitness freak and helps Jessica into her apartment. He tells her she need electrolytes and something solid in her stomach. Jessica goes to lay on her bed and notices that she is laying in the blood of Ruben, who lays next to her with a slashed throat and knife in his hand. Malcolm walks in and drops a glass of water on the ground. Jessica sees a bloody footprint and realizes it was Kilgrave. Jessica starts to panic and cry that she can't keep fighting Kilgrave.

Jessica tells Malcolm he can't call the cops because they'll arrest her. This is the third death she is directly connected to. She closes Ruben's eyes and says, "I'm gonna end it." She suggests that she goes to jail.

Malcolm and Jessica debate Jessica's plan to go to jail and Malcolm doesn't support the idea, saying Jessica could spend the rest of her life in jail. Jessica calls Detective Clemons of the homicide precinct. Malcolm tries to stop her but Jessica muscles him away and she's going to talk to Clemons during his 8 PM shift. She forces Malcolm to leave.

Will and Trish have sex at Trish's apartment. He tries to pull out but she doesn't let him. He tells her, "That was intense." Trish's phone rings and she ignores it. It was Jessica and Trish doesn't feel like hearing about how things aren't her fault. Trish reveals she is up to something but she won't reveal it yet. It involves Kilgrave. She might have a lead. She gives Will an envelope full of photos of Kilgrave's guards. Will says it can't be true because the first rule of personal security is to keep clients a secret. Will wants to kill Kilgrave. Trish tells Will he doesn't get to decide that and she wants justice for Jessica and for Kilgrave to live alone and wish to die but not be able to.


Hogarth prepares her assistant as they walk into a court room. Jessica jumps out and tells Hogarth she needs a lawyer. Jessica tells Hogarth Wendy will sign the divorce papers but Jessica demands a lawyer. Hogarth sends Pam inside and asks Jessica what she wants. Jessica asks what it would take to get locked up in super max prison and Hogarth explains that it is only for the very worst people. She asks Jessica what she's going to do and Jessica says it's already done as she leaves.

Malcolm enters the room with Ruben's body. He says, "I can't believe I'm doing this before locking up the apartment. Ruben's sister yells at him and says it isn't her apartment. She tells him she has a bullshit radar the size of West Texas and he tells her he was searching for some alcohol. She accuses Jessica of hiding something about her brother and Malcolm tells her they're involved. She thanks him for telling her the truth. Malcolm stops her to tell her Jessica is not a bad person.

Jessica enters Luke's bar. It's empty. A barback moves some things around and tells Jessica Luke took some time off and went away for a while. She just wanted to tell him the right people are going to pay for what's been done. She doesn't expect him to forgive her. The bartender tells her, when you burn a bridge, you have to learn to swim. Or fly.

Wendy enters Hogarth's office and hands over the divorce papers. Pam walks in and Wendy tells her she is beautiful and naive. She tells Pam about the e-mails they shared and how Hogarth bribed her first case and now threatened Wendy. Wendy warns Pam that Jeryn lies. Wendy demands 75% of Hogarth's assets or she'll lose it. Hogarth thanks Pam for lying and Pam is angry, saying it's difficult to defend her when her wife knows more of Hogarth's secrets than she does.

Jessica enters an office where little girls are getting ready for auditions. The woman calling the talent in stops to call "Jessie" in. Jessica wants to talk about Trish. Trish's mother asks is Trish is on drugs again and Jessica criticizes the woman's lack of care of responsibility. She claims credit for caring for Jessica but Jessica credits that to furthering the Patsy Walker brand and a publicity stunt. She hasn't seen Trish in three years except for an "accidental" encounter. Jessica threatens Patsy to stay away and if she doesn't, Jessica will find her no matter where she is. Jessica criticizes Patsy's choices in the past which lead to royalty checks and Jessica says Patsy has to stay 500 feet away.

Trish calls Will, who is following Kilgrave's security detail. He says they're not up to anything but he is looking at Kilgrave, who is wearing a purple suit.

Trish knocks on Jessica's door and Malcolm brings her in, making sure she hasn't told Jessica. He tells Trish that Jessica is in trouble and needs help stopping her from making a bad decision. Malcolm is going to show Trish the body but wants to ensure she doesn't freak out or scream but of course, she does when she sees it. She draws a gun on Malcolm and Malcolm pleads with her, saying Kilgrave did this, and that Jessica needs Trish's help.

Jessica gets out of a cab, claiming she has 56 minutes of freedom left. She finds a locked door and rips it open, revealing a ladder which she climbs to the top of the Verazano Bridge. She looks at the city and narrates how she hates goodbyes and how this particular goodbye deserves a last look.

Back at her apartment, Jessica walks in to find Trish waiting at her desk. Trish tells her that Malcolm lets her in. Jessica rushes to the bedroom and sees that Ruben's body is gone. Trish cleaned it up. Jessica insists she has a plan but Trish says it is a bad plan. Jessica asks where the body is but Trish deflects by saying she knows how to find Kilgrave. She tells Jessica that Will is following the security detail. Jessica wants Trish to back off because she doesn't want her to be in danger. Jessica has a heavy guilt weighing on her and blames herself for all the death, even if Kilgrave is the one truly behind it all. Jessica insists no one else will die because of her and she'll take herself out of the equation. She's not the hero Trish wanted her to be and she wants to know where Ruben is.

Malcolm drags Ruben's body to the river and dies cement bricks to it. He uncovers Ruben's face and tells him "A beautiful funeral doesn't guarantee heaven," in another language, before dumping him into the water.

One of Kilgrave's guards brings him a Mickey Mouse statue. Kilgrave gets in a Range Rover and drives off. Will Simpson watches. Trish texts him and asks where he is.

Jessica finds Malcolm and asks where the body is. Jessica begins to take her shoes off and hands Malcolm her phone before jumping into the river.

At the police station, Jessica carries Ruben's head in a bag and dumps it on Clemons' desk.

Jessica is handcuffed into an interrogation room. Hogarth enters and defends Jessica. Jessica fires her and the detective dismisses her. She whispers to Jessica that she still owes her a favor and leaves. Jessica demands Clemson put her in super max. She calls herself a top shelf pervert. Clemons reflects on their last meeting, where Jessica said she was just trying to make a living. He asks Jessica why she killed him. She says she's a killer and a sociopath. She reveals killing Riva to him and he asks why. She tells him it was an accident and super max is the only place strong enough for her. She reveals her strength by breaking the cuffs and bending the chair. A cop walks in and tells Jessica she's free to go.


In the office of the station, Jessica sees all the cops pointing guns at themselves and others. The detective walks out and tells everyone to drop their weapons but the cop who freed Jessica points his gun at him. Kilgrave tells everyone to calm down. He approaches Jessica. She asks he let them go. He claims to have no intention of controlling her. Jessica claims he is torturing her but he says that is her being insecure. He calims not to be torturing but rather, he loves her. She tells him he was ruining her life but he says she didn't have a life. He was trying to show her what he sees and he is the only one who matches and challenges her and will do anything for her. She tells her he has killed innocent people. He degrades Ruben and tells her he was annoying and just got in the way while he was leaving her present. He says he is going to prove it to her.

A phone rings and Kilgrave asks the room who's it is. It is the detective's. He takes it smashes it on a wall and tells them the next person who's phone rings has to eat it. He continues on a tirade and she tells him she'll come with him. He wants her to want to come rather than want to protect these police officers. He tells her he didn't know unsatisfactory it was to not get what he wanted until she left him to die. She makes him feel something he's never felt before. He tells her he missed her. "I'm here now. You've got me," she says. He tells her he doesn't but he hopes she'll choose him like he chose her. He says they're inevitable. He has a man finish deleting all of the security footage from the night and picks up the bag with Ruben's head in it. He tells everyone in 30 seconds they'll realize this was a joke and they'll let Jessica Jones leave. He tells her to look for his present and when she's ready, he'll see her at home. He swings the bag on his way out. The room starts laughing and Jessica walks out.

Jessica runs down the street. She rushes into her apartment and beings going through drawers, cabinets, closet... Everything. She finds the box Riva gave her in the hallway on the floor. She opens it and finds a book inside with a note on top that says, "Start at the beginning." It's the The Diary of Jessica Jones. Jessica packs bags and leaves. Ruben's sister barges in and wants to know where he is. She finds his shoe and tells Jessica to apologize to him about the zoo on her behalf and she'll take him this weekend. She reflects on giraffes and how he loves long necks and how he is sensitive about his neck. Jessica tells her Ruben is not coming back. His sister wants to know where he went, saying he can't take care of himself. She blames Jessica, saying they were fine before she came there. She urges Jessica to find Ruben and offers Ruben. Jessica gets emotional as she starts down the hallway.

Jessica arrives at her childhood home by cab. She remembers herself and Patsy walking out to a car. Patsy tells her, "We'll buy you a new journal," and Patsy criticizes Jessica's etiquette. Trish is in the front seat with bruises on her neck, covering them and telling Jessica it's rude to stare.

Kilgrave walks out and sees Jessica in the street. Jessica walks to him. Will looks on from the street, puzzled, as the two walk inside the house.



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