Jewish-Themed Cards Against Humanity Recalled for Offensive Content

Cards Against Humanity Chosen Peope Pack Jewish Controversy

Cards Against Humanity has become the popular naughty parlor game du jour for many, but the "party game for horrible people" may have just gone too far.

Target is reportedly having to recall a Jewish-themed version of CAH called the "Chosen People Pack," due to the game causing a major controversy on social media:

THR reports that Target has issued the following statement over Twitter, in response to the above post:

"We are aware of this extended card pack of the game Cards Against Humanity and are in the process of removing it from our stores," the retailer's official Twitter account replied to a user who pointed out the game's content. "We apologize for any disappointment as it is never our intention to offend our guests with the products we carry."

As other social media users were quick to point out, there is a major bit of irony at work in this particular case:


If anything, it's been more of a miracle that Cards Against Humanity has achieved such big success and continuous expansion without more widespread backlash, over the years. In an era where people seem to be so easily triggered by things that are marginally offensive, a game where the goal is saying the most offensive thing possible would seem like an easy target for the SJW crowd. And yet, CAH has become a phenomenon, proving that people do in fact still loosen up a bit and have fun with humor.

Target is currently in the process of getting the "Chosen People Pack" out of stores; no doubt it is destined to become a major collector's item.