Jon Bernthal Spotted In Punisher Gear On Daredevil Set

Jon Bernthal is getting a Hell’s Kitchen welcome for Daredevil Season Two.New set photos for [...]

Jon Bernthal is getting a Hell's Kitchen welcome for Daredevil Season Two.

New set photos for the Netflix series' sophomore season showed Bernthal, who will play the Punisher, with numerous cuts and bruises on his face and hands. Whether or not those wounds came courtesy of a certain blind vigilante, or some unfortunate thugs, is anybody's guess, but it's clear that Bernthal is getting a taste of life in Daredevil's world.

Unfortunately, the photos didn't show Bernthal in the Punisher's iconic skull t-shirt, but they did catch a few shots of him in a bullet-proof vest. Perhaps The Punisher's look will take the same route as Daredevil's, slowly evolving from something generic into the iconic comics uniform?

You can view the images at JustJared.

Daredevil Season Two is expected to hit Netflix in early 2016.