Judge Dredd Publisher 2000 AD Launches "Official" Dredd 2 Petition


After remarks made at San Diego Comic Con International this past weekend that the best hopes for a Dredd sequel lie with the fans, the character's publisher have made reaching out to Lionsgate and Rebellion, the current film rights-holders, as easy as possible.

Enter the official 2000 AD Dredd sequel petition. You can sign it here, which will sign you up for a mailing list...but it's a Dredd 2 mailing list, not a 2000 AD general one, so theoretically those e-mails should be pertinent to your interests.

The film didn't make its money back in theaters, but has performed well on home video and streaming services; as a result, star Karl Urban said at Comic Con that prospects for a sequel were as good as they've ever been, and that fans needed to just keep doing what they've been doing: mobilizing, and bugging Lionsgate on social media.

The folks at Make a Dredd Sequel have been at this for months, but it's only in the recent past that Urban has been telling the media that their campaign is having an impact.

dredd-trailer"The more people that campaign for it, the more people that email, Twitter, write-in to Lionsgate saying 'we want to see more of this,' then the more likelihood we will get to see it; we’re certainly doing everything we can to make sure it happens," Urban told reporters in San Diego last week, and then echoed those sentiments a few times throughout the weekend.

So click through and sign the petition; taking off my reporter hat for a minute, it was not only my favorite comic book adaptation of 2012, but my favorite film, full stop. It deserves a sequel, and the fact that one seems to be within reach in spite of all the obstacles it faces seems like some kind of surreal justice.