Justice League International To End With #12

Justice League International


will end with issue 12, according to solicitation text released by DC Comics today. Given rumors of a linewide series of zero issues in September, it wouldn't be surprising to learn that there are more cancellations to come, theoretically with a third wave of New 52 titles to be announced after that, but so far everything except for the Young Justice titles have been solicited for August with no additional cancellations yet announced. A number of titles in each group, though, are wrapping up storylines and teasing "finales" in August. If Justice League International remains the only canceled title, there's a fair chance that (given the government-sponsored superheroes element of the title) it could be relaunched as Freedom Fighters, tying into Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray's miniseries for The Ray and Phantom Lady. Series writer Dan Jurgens, who collaborates with ComicBook.com on a monthly postmortem for the series, had no immediate comment. Following the New 52 relaunch, Jurgens hopped from his pre-Flashpoint run on Booster Gold to Justice League International, a team book led by Booster; while no announcement has been made yet as to what Jurgens might be doing next, he has been writing for the character for more than five years now and it seems likely his next series might involve the greatest hero you've never heard of.