Kill Shakespeare: The Mask of Night Announced, Ties Into Tabletop Game


While IDW Games is rolling out a new board game (funded by Kickstarter) based on their award-winning Kill Shakespeare comic book series, this may will see the release of Kill Shakespeare: The Mask of Night, a new miniseries set in the universe of the comic. "We're excited to announce The Mask of Night, our pirate adventure," said series co-creator, Anthony Del Col. "Not only does it include characters from our previous books but incorporates one of Shakespeare's most famous heroines, Viola, who we have refashioned into one of the coolest female pirates ever. I think fans – both new and old – are going to find this homage to classic pirate tales a real treat." In The Mask of Night, readers will see Hamlet, Juliet, Othello, and Shakespeare become pawns in a deadly game of survival between legendary masked pirate Captain Cesario, his first mate Viola, and the new terror on the water, Titus Andronicus' forbidding war ship, the Lavinia. Those who clicked on the Kickstarter link above will recognize that this cast of characters is tied directly into the playable character list for the tabletop adventure. IDW Games announced today that everyone who backs the Kill Shakespeare Kickstarter at the game level or higher will receive all four issues of The Mask Of Night free from comiXology as they are released.