Kite Day Graphic Novel Announced By Silverline Books


Image Comics' Silverline Books imprint has put out several all-ages' graphic novels. Some of their previous titles include Dear Dracula, Bruce The Little Blue Spruce and Missing The Boat. Silverline Books has also just announced that Dear Dracula artist Vicente Navarette is producing a new children's graphic novel called Kite Day. "After being so taken with Dear Dracula, I was extremely pleased to once again work with Vinny on Kite Day," Silverline Books Publisher Jim Valentino said. "Kite Day is exactly the kind of book Silverline Books looks for: engaging graphic novellas that bridge the gap between comics and traditional all-ages' books suitable for kids and parents alike." Kite Day's story is told in a delightful rhyming narrative. The graphic novel tells the story of a spirited, young-at-heart elderly man on his kite flying afternoon. Kite Day is a full cover, forty-eight page graphic novel hardcover. Kite Day's suggested retail price is $9.99, and it is scheduled to reach stores on February 4th, 2009.