LexCorp is Collecting Your Data on Batman V Superman Viral Site

(Photo: Warner Bros)

If you were at New York Comic Con this month, then it was impossible to miss Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The presence of the film was strong despite no dedicated panel or appearance by the stars. From the massive display featuring the Bat and Super symbols and a shot of the heroes facing off to the costumes in glass cases that never wanted for crowds taking pictures, it was easy to see that WB wanted people talking about the film. The biggest push though came from Lex Luthor, pushing his importance to the forefront.

Nearby the main display was a kiosk with people that were playing completely in-universe. They asked attendees what they thought of Lex Luthor, and gave out portable phone chargers to either "change peoples' minds" or to "appreciate your support" depending on how you responded. I told them Lex was a visionary, and they thanked me, giving me a charger and telling me to spread the word, for example. LexCorp, via WB, also gave free wifi throughout the entire Javits Center.

Now, LexCorp wants you to sign up for updates, providing your email and name to them via the LexCorp website built to promote the new Lex/OS. The new OS is part of their promise to "build a better tomorrow, today," and promises "a lot to show you" in Winter 2015.

All of this does make us ask one question: is Lex Luthor playing a much bigger role in Batman V Superman than the initial trailer had us believing? We still don't know exactly how or who the heroes will eventually unite against - but isn't that a lot of firepower for one lowly human?


Hit up the site to sign up for updates (we did too and will keep you updated, of course).

h/t: Batman-News