Never-Before-Seen Middle-Earth Stories Written by Lord of the Rings Creator JRR Tolkien Coming Next Year

Author JRR Tolkien may have passed away in 1973, but his legacy continues to be felt among pop culture, not only because his works inspire new movies and TV shows, but because publishers continue to release previously unseen materials. A new collection of material authorized by the Tolkien estate, The Nature of Middle-earth, will be published in June 2021 by HarperCollins, with the publisher promising that the new material will "transport readers back to the world of The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, and The Lord of the Rings," per The Guardian. Tolkien's first foray into Middle-earth came in 1937 with The Hobbit, while his The Lords of the Rings books debuted in the mid-'50s.

"For him, Middle-earth was part of an entire world to be explored," HarperCollins' deputy publishing director Chris Smith shared of the works. "And the writings in The Nature of Middle-earth reveal the journeys that he took as he sought to better understand his unique creation."

He added that the new collection is "a veritable treasure trove offering readers a chance to peer over Professor Tolkien's shoulder at the very moment of discovery: and on every page, Middle-earth is once again brought to extraordinary life."

Luckily, this isn't the only Middle-earth content on the way, as Amazon Studios is currently developing a TV series set in the mythical land. Despite the coronavirus pandemic impacting a number of movie and TV productions around the world, the isolated nature of New Zealand means that the series was able to resume production more quickly than TV shows in other parts of the world.

"As we searched for the location in which we could bring to life the primordial beauty of the Second Age of Middle-earth, we knew we needed to find somewhere majestic, with pristine coasts, forests, and mountains, that also is a home to world-class sets, studios, and highly skilled and experienced craftspeople and other staff," showrunners and executive producers J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay previously shared with The Hollywood Reporter about the importance of shooting in New Zealand. "We're happy that we are now able to officially confirm New Zealand as our home for our series based on stories from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings."

They added, "We are grateful to the people and the government of New Zealand and especially Auckland for supporting us during this pre-production phase. The abundant measure of Kiwi hospitality with which they have welcomed us has already made us feel right at home, and we are looking forward to deepening our partnership in the years to come."

Stay tuned for details on The Nature of Middle-earth and the upcoming Lord of the Rings TV series.


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