Man of Steel Series Officially Announced at New York Comic Con


Today at New York Comic-Con's The New 52: Superman panel, DC Entertainment confirmed long-standing rumors that Jim Lee and Scott Snyder will write a Superman comic in 2013. Saying that DC Comics didn't yet have an official name for the series--which is rumored to be Man of Steel or Superman: Man of Steel to tie in with the movie that's hitting in June--they introduced the creators just moments ago. "2013 is the 75th anniversary of Superman, so we were talking about adding an additional book to the family," DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee told the audience. "We were waiting for the right creative team to come along. I didn't hire myself, I promise!" "Scott kind of walked me through this incredible story, and I started visualizing the story in my mind immediately," Lee continued. "I was describing what we'd do with camera angles, storytelling, narrative. That discussion turned into us doing this new Superman book. For me it's a nice departure, going onto a solo book instead of a team book. I was a huge fan of Scott's work from the beginning of American Vampire. And obviously the Court of Owls stuff just blew my socks off. He's got a great story... which I can't tell you about." "We're going to try to deliver to you the biggest and most kick-ass Superman story we can," Snyder promised. "I'm writing the features and the backups. It'll be big and game-changing but have a lot of intimacy, a lot of American history. This is the Superman story I'd tell if I could only tell one before they kicked me right off." No specific release date was given for the book.