Mind The Gap Announced By Image Comics

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Image Comics has announced a new series from writer Jim McCann. The same Jim McCann that use to do press relations for Marvel Comics and who wrote the Eisner Awarding-winning The Dapper Men. McCann's new series is called Mind the Gap, and it is scheduled to arrive in comic book stores on May 2, 2012. The artwork on the series is by Rodin Esquejo with colors by Sonia Oback, Mind the Gap tells the story of Elle Peterssen, who is young, wealthy, and beautiful. Unfortunately, someone tried to kill her, but she doesn't know why. Elle lays in a comatose state while her spirit form tries to solve the mystery of who attacked her. Image Comics describes the series as "a mystery with a paranormal twist." "I love the genre of the 'whodunit.' Psychological thrillers, murder mysteries, and film noir all influence me, and this story, heavily," said writer Jim McCann. "It's a preternatural story - something science acknowledges on the fringe but hasn't proven yet." "This is a book I've been excited about since Jim first pitched it," said Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson. "I feel like we really got lucky with this one, because Jim is a great writer and just a consummate professional, and Rodin - well, I've been admiring his cover work for ages, but that still didn't prepare me for how insanely awesome his interior work is! Pleased beyond belief to be associated with such amazing talent!" "This story will take on some otherworldly scenes, which the team handles beautifully, as well as some very real and gritty situations, sometimes even violent," McCann added. "I wanted that to look as realistic as possible, and juxtapose it with the clean, beautiful atmosphere Rodin and Sonia deliver."