New Transformers 4 Logo, Leaked Retailer Information Seemingly Confirm Dinobots


"Me Grimlock no bozo, me in sequel!"

That's what the Internet has become convinced of following the leaks this week of a production call sheet and a retailer merchandising sheet from Toys "R" Us, both suggesting the Dinobots will appear in Transformers 4, along with the release today of a paparazzi photo at showing a Transformers 4 logo with what looks like a claw mark out of it. has reached out to Paramount about the leaked documents and images but will not reprint them here until some official information is available. Given the sudden glut of new information leaking out of the production, it seems likely that will be soon.

A call sheet for yesterday's shoot listed "Dinobots" on the sheet, but nothing much in the way of information and no specific Dinobots were listed. Today, a document purportedly from Toys "R" Us emerged, presenting the retailer's plans to accommodate Transformers 4 and the Star Wars sequels. The Transformers merchandising focused on Dinobot themes.