NYCC: Millennium Returns as a Comic From X-Files Writer Joe Harris and IDW Publishing

IDW Publishing will launch a new comic book series based on the cult-favorite Chris Carter series Millennium, they announced today.

The comic will be written by Joe Harris, who already tackles the best-selling The X-Files: Season Ten for the publisher, also based on a TV show created by Carter.

The series will feature interior art by Colin Lorimer and covers by menton3, while Carter will serve as executive producer, overseeing the project as he does with X-Files.

The series, which ran for three seasons from 1996 to 1999, centered on ex-FBI Agent Frank Black, who could use mental powers to see through the eyes of others. He used the skill to track down killers.


Harris told Comic Book Resources that the series' opening arc will guest-star The X-Files's Fox Mulder, and that the odds are good there will be a Harsh Realm crossover down the line as well.

"Our opening story guest-stars Agent Fox Mulder, who finds himself drawn into something far stranger than he initially realized when a serial killer he helped put away back when he was just a cadet is revealed to be connected to the infamous Millennium Group," Harris said. "But that's just one facet of this gathering of forces around Frank. It involves demons, the men who would hunt them, and the temptations they offer."