Out of Time: Dan Jurgens On Batman Beyond #5

Last week saw the release of Batman Beyond #5, the penultimate issue of the series' first story arc from writer Dan Jurgens and artist Bernard Chang.

Jurgens joined us to discuss the issue -- a giant battle between humans, superhumans, robots, cyborgs and one giant bunny-eared Batman suit.

Remember that these commentary-style interviews are spoiler-heavy and that if you haven't yet read the issue, you should buy it here and read along with us.

Bernard’s work is really strong this issue — especially in conveying the brutality of that first battle sequence. Given how flexible he’s been on Batman Beyond, have you started trying to write stuff just to stump him yet?

Stump him, no, but I know it’s been a bit challenging because some of these scenes are really complex. It isn’t just Batman fighting— it’s a legion of cyborgs and humans.

I’ve started more than a couple of panels with, “Really sorry about this, Bernard, but…”

Fortunately, he’s amazingly talented and dedicated. He and Marcelo have done an amazing job of giving the book a very nice, unique feel that is absolutely perfect for BATMAN BEYOND. I couldn’t be happier with the work they’re doing.

I think some fans would be pretty bummed to think that in a few decades, Barbara and Dick never got together. But her reaction to Tim might be worth it!

I don’t believe we actually went that far in terms of addressing Dick and Barbara.

We left it a bit open. More like Barbara didn’t quite want to go into their personal lives. Especially at the point where Gotham is about to be lost to Brother Eye.

Are we getting a little bit of a peek behind the curtain at Tim’s psychology for the post-Flashpoint world here, when he talks about the decision to retreat into Red Robin?

Very much so. I had been wanting to address some of this since Day One and I finally had a place where it was a natural fit with the story.

I have always thought Tim Drake was really one of the more compelling characters in the DCU. He is incredibly smart and balanced with some of Batman’s skills and attributes but a bit more human. He really is his own man and marches to the beat of a somewhat different drummer than some of the other bat characters.

Have you talked at all with other teams about how things like Titans Hunt and Robin War might inform Tim’s background?

Not really. This is a bit of an older Tim that’s a bit removed from the one they’re dealing with.

Is it safe to assume we’ll have a new Green Lantern soon?

I’d like to think that, with this book, it isn’t safe to assume anything.

We’re really trying to build in some fun and surprises as we progress. And I think we have some good ones coming up.

Do we know where the Kryptonite ring came from in the post-Flashpoint world? Is it still more or less the same origin as in Dark Knight Over Metropolis, give or take? I wondered this when Snyder used it, too…!

I’d like to think that’s the case. We certainly cleared this with the bat office when we went forward and built this into the story.


What can you tease for us about the end of the first arc?

I’d like to think it’s appropriate and satisfying, while also leaving room for what’s to come.