Pacific Rim 2 Budget and Script are In According to Guillermo del Toro


While Pacific Rim 2 may officially be on hold, it's not a cancelled project, and director Guillermo del Toro is keeping fans in the know on the sequel, which is apparently making some progress of late.

"PACIFIC RIM 2: Budget and script went in," he tweeted Thursday. "No answers yet," however, he cautioned. So, he's turned in the script, told the producers what he needs to make the movie, and that's where we sit.

The director only joined twitter a few weeks ago, but certainly seems to have the hang of it quickly. This one updates a tweet from October 11, when he said the budget was ready and he was awaiting the final script from John Spaihts. "Then it's up to the studios to give it a green light," he said.

The sequel has had a tomultuous last few months, being announced, rumored as cancelled, then just put on an "indefinite hiatus," and now, clearly, being actively worked on and once again seeking studio approval. Pacific Rim was well-received, with a story of humans rising up to fight against Kaiju in a modern setting, earning around $400 million world wide.