Power Rangers Dino Charge Introduces A New Color Ranger

(Photo: Saban)

As with Power Rangers mythos, you start with the core rangers and a mysterious figure emerges as the sixth ranger, who either challenges the rangers, or becomes an instant ally. In the newest incarnation of the Power Rangers series, Power Rangers Dino Charge, we're about to be introduced to the Graphite Ranger.

IGN had the exclusive first look at the new Ranger, as well as his secret identity. In an upcoming episode, Prince Phillip III find a secret Energem to become a Power Ranger, but is he the one who dons the uniform?

Graphite Ranger
(Photo: Saban/IGN)

The Graphite Ranger makes his debut Oct. 24th, at 12pm on Power Rangers Dino Charge, only on Nickelodeon.