Powers Trailer Released At New York Comic Con

A new trailer for Powers debuted at New York Comic Con today, offering a ton of footage for the upcoming Playstation Series.

The trailer introduces viewers to Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim while also establishing their roles as detectives in a city filled with super-powered heroes and villains. The trailer placed a heavy emphasis on Walker's status as a de-powered individual, and how he is trying to cope with no longer being a superhero. 

The trailer offers a darker interpretation on the comic series by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, painting Walker as a rather tormented individual. While Walker will struggle against his personal demons, it certainly seems like he will have plenty of super-powered antagonists to keep him and Pilgrim busy. 

Check the full trailer out below. Fair warning--a few F-bombs are dropped throughout the clip. 


Powers debuts on the Playstation Network this winter.