Psych Flashes Back to Season One in New TV Spot for Next Week's Episode, "Remake"


Last year, the producers of Psych told fans that this year would feature a remake of an early episode that, between the writers and the fans, they would determine to be one they thought they could do better, and apparently the season one episode "Cloudy...With a Chance of Murder" was the pick--as that's what we're getting next Wednesday night.

You can see a TV spot for the remade episode, titled "Remake A.K.A. Cloudy...With a Chance of Improvement," below.

"Cloudy... With a Chance of Murder" was the twelfth episode of Psych's first season. The premise, per the Psych Wiki: When a woman sleeps with a beloved local weatherman but wakes up to find him dead, she is charged with his murder. Shawn finds a way into the case by becoming a consultant to the defense.

Of course, based on the promo below, it seems as though things won't be 100% as you remember them; Ralph Macchio guest stars in the episode, for instance--something that suggests maybe his season five character Nick Conforth will play a role, either in the case or just as the cop who ticketed Shawn and impounded his motorcycle (they originally find their way to the courthouse and discover the case because they're paying a ticket).

Of course, it's equally likely that they'll ignore the fact that Macchio has been on the show before and he'll be Macchio. He played that card recently on How I Met Your Mother, and if this episode had a flashback framing device, for instance, it wouldn't be entirely out of character for Shawn to "cast" people he barely remembers with '80s actors in his head. Alan Ruck, who appeared in the season three episode "Gus Walks Into a Bank," also guest stars.