Rare Star Wars Early Bird Kit On Toy Hunters

Star Wars Early Bird Certificate

With Disney having just announced they are acquiring Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion, the Travel Channel had perfect timing with their new episode of Toy Hunters this week. Jordan Hembrough came across a number or rare Star Wars toys, including one of the holy grails of Star Wars collecting.

In one of his visits, Jordan Hembrough traveled to Eddyville, Illinois to meet a collector named Bill, who had been collecting toys since the mid-seventies. Hembrough found and purchased a Rancor Monster, Kenner Star Wars diecast vehicles, and Kenner Star Wars movie viewers.

However, Hembrough’s biggest find was a Star Wars Early Bird Kit. Because the demand was so hot for Star Wars toys, Kenner came up with a kit that people could purchase, as a way of being the very first ones to get the Star Wars action figures. Customers had to cut out a coupon and mail it into Kenner, and then eight months later, the customers would be the very first ones to get the early bird figures.

Bill asked for $200 for the Star Wars Early Bird Kit, but Hembrough actually gave him $500 for it. Hembrough thinks he should be able to sell the Star Wars Early Bird Kit for $1000 and easily double his money. Toy Hunters airs on the Travel Channel on Wednesdays at 9 PM ET.

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