Rick And Morty Creator Gives Season 3 Update With A New Rap

The past couple of months have been a busy one for Dan Harmon. Shortly after the holidays, fans [...]

The past couple of months have been a busy one for Dan Harmon. Shortly after the holidays, fans began to question the co-creator of Rick and Morty about the show's delays, and netizens have closely followed the creator's updates. On more than one occasion, Harmon has addressed why season three has been slow-going, but there is only so many ways the man can explain the delay. From Twitter updates to interviews, Harmon has all but exhausted the usual methods of communication, but fans don't consider the writer to be a genius for nothing.

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No, Harmon found a way to give fans an update about Rick and Morty, and he channeled his inner rap star to do so.

Recently, Harmon appeared at a live interview and was asked by hosts about Rick and Morty's third season. It was there that the creator turned up some auto-tune and laid a sick track to rap over. You can check out some of Harmon's fire bars below:

"They're drawing it
They're drawing it
They're drawing it
Here's how cartoons work
First, you write them
Then you draw them for a really long time
Everything needs to be on paper
So you can see it
So if all I do is write it and then put it on TV
It will look like a script"

The creator went on to wrap about fans criticizing him for his vocal political stances, and Harmon even poked fun at his own art skills.

Of course, this latest update comes shortly after Harmon clarified his reasoning behind the show's delay on Twitter. The creator went online to say there is no behind-the-scenes drama keeping Rick and Morty from its long-awaited return. Rather, the reasoning is boring.

"I understand and we are flattered that in an information vacuum, with the show so late, any morsel of info is going to have huge weight. But the truth is not dramatic. It's quite boring. We love our show. It's a weird show that we struggle to not overthink OR underthink. As for now, they're drawing it," he said.

"So, I'm sorry I can't say "we fractured a creative valve in sector 3" or "it's Paul's fault. GET HIM!" No hidden truth. We slow. Sorry. Part of what I was trying to express is that WE would sit and ponder, what's the problem here, how can we write faster, why we so slow? And then we'd go "what made us faster in season 1" and then we'd go "we didn't sit here talking about this, let's just do this," etc."

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