Robert Rodriguez To Helm Live Action Jonny Quest Film

Robert Rodriguez is set to co-write and direct a live-action Jonny Quest film for Warner Bros.

Writing alongside Rodriquez will be Terry Rossio, whose written a number of adventure adaptations like The Mask of Zorro and Pirates of the Caribbean. Rodriguez and Rossio's draft will rewrite Dan Mazaeau's initial stab at the project.

Jonny Quest debuted in 1964 as a primetime Hanna-Barberba cartoon from ABC television. It followed the whirlwind story of Jonny Quest, a young adventurer who accompanied his father on missions across the globe. The original series only lasted on season, but became a hit through syndication.

Rodriguez, who's no stranger to action films, directed the first three Spy Kids movies, along with Sin City, From Dusk Till Dawn, and Planet Terror


Via The Hollywood Reporter.