Robin Rescues Batman Gets the Rifftrax Treatment


In the latest installment of their series lampooning the 1940s Batman film serials, Rifftrax yesterday released Robin Rescues Batman.

In this movie, the middle-aged teen sidekick doesn't actually rescue Batman. Confused? Well, then you haven't been watching the previous installments, which seem to have been titled more or less at random before filming started that afternoon.

You can check out the preview clip and official description of the Rifftrax below, and you can buy a copy here.

If you’ve been following the Batman serial saga (in the same sense that your great aunt’s recent boil lancing was a ‘saga’), you certainly know what to expect by now: The event in the title, Robin Rescues Batman does not occur in the episode. Robin slurs his lines like your great aunt after she proved difficult during the boil lancing and had to be sedated. No actual plot developments of consequence occur.


Oh really? Oh really smart guy? Are you so sure about that last one? Though there may not be an actual rescue of Batman by Robin, this episode does contain something which has been board certified as an actual plot development, possibly even an honest to god twist! Also, rumor has it that a certain henchman, heretofore only implied by our wishful riffers, may make an appearance.

Join Mike, Kevin, Bill, Ives, and The Wizard’s mantrap installer for Robin Rescues Batman.