Santa Claus Would Hold Advantage Over Superman, Batman, & Iron Man In Fight

(Photo: DC Comics)

Super speed. Shape shifting. Pure omniscience. Trademark power suit. You'd think with a power set like that we'd be describing some sort of New God, or possibly an Asgardian, but actually they all belong to a certain fellow who will be making stops around the world delivering presents in about two weeks.

Michael Dennin, a University of California, Irvine professor who teaches astronomy and and physics as well as the science of superheroes. Based on Santa's abilities, Dennin believes Mr. Kringle could easily go toe-to-toe with some of comics' biggest caped heroes.

"'Is Santa Claus a superhero?' is a great question because you have to take it from two perspectives," Dennin explains. "One is his super powers." Check out Dennin explain Santa's powers and how the science behind them in the video below.

He makes a compelling argument there, doesn't he? Especially the part about temporal manipulation. Over on the university's news website, you can read more about the science of Santa as Dennin explains more about how Santa would stack up against the likes of Superman and the Hulk when discussing his speed and strength.


So what do you think, readers? Could Santa tangle with some of comics' naughty list if things got rough? Let us know in the comments!