Saturday Night Live Hobbit Skit

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In The Hobbit skit on Saturday Night Live, it is revealed that Peter Jackson has decided to split the remaining two Hobbit movies into eighteen movies. Here are the titles of some of the eighteen remaining Hobbit movies: The Hobbit 2: Journey To The Beginning Of The Walk To Smaug's Lair, The Hobbit 3: Shoot I just Realized I Forgot Something Back At The Shire Mind If We Double Back, The Hobbit 4: Apple Maps: An Unexpected Detour, The Hobbit 10: The Elf Queen Tries To Pick An Outfit, The Hobbit 11: Trying To Split A Complicated Dinner Bill, The Hobbit 13: Gandalf Tries To Remember A Name, Hobbitz: Back N' The Hood, Grumpy Old Hobbits, Hobbit 14: The New Batch, Sauron: Dead And Loving It, and Look Who's Hobbit Now. The Hobbit Saturday Night Live skit also offered up a couple of reviews from famous movie critics. "At one point, the wind blew Gandalf's hat off and they chased it for two entire movies." – Roger Ebert "I fell asleep for 45 minutes and when I woke up the dwarves were assembling an Ikea dresser." - Peter Travers