SDCC 2015: Grant Morrison Talks The Multiversity Too

Yesterday, DC Entertainment announced that comics luminary Grant Morrison would launch a pair of new projects with familiar names to longtime readers.

One was Batman: Black and White, a series of one-shots by Morrison and a variety of artists, which will allow Morrison to put his stamp on the character, free from the restraints of the current continuity.

The second, which Morrison told reporters about during a morning get-together, was The Multiversity Too.

"With The Multiversity, we examined so many different worlds with so many different unique tones and styles and voices," said DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan DiDio. He said that the new series of books will deal with the second multiverse, a concept introduced in The Multiversity and which Morrison attributes to current scientific thinking about what a propsective multiverse might be in our world.

"When DC in its day was doing Elseworlds, they created a number of new worlds that ultimately became part of the multiverse during The Multiversity," DiDio continued. "[Morrison] will be taking the thoughts and ideas behind Elseworlds" and applying them to new concepts.

The first volume, The Multiversity Too: The Flash, is "not even about superheroes, it's about a guy getting fast," Morrison told

"The Multiversity was a specific story I wanted to tell with a specific group of characters," the writer added, clarifying the new series' mission statement. "This is something entirely new ,where we can do any kind of story we want."

Morrison said that he will of course continue to work with the group of regular collaborators who have drawn his work in the past, but hopes his new job as Editor-in-Chief of Heavy Metal will expand the pool.

"I have people I like to work with and you'll see some of that," he said. "And then hopefully I'll meet some people at Heavy Metal who will be perfect for projects like this."

Projects which, incidentally, will not be monthly or ongoing.

"I don't know how many of these books will come out -- maybe once a year, maybe every few months," he said. "I just want to do projects. I don't want to do the monthlies because it takes up so much time."

Admitting that he had been trying to restore DC's classic "infinite" multiverse for years, the writer said that he had finally succeeded and that currently the realm of DC Comics is "so infinite it's ridiculous."

"I've always wanted the infinite multiverse of DC to come back. The multiverse we set up in 52 had 52 universes and that didn't seem like enough so we managed via The Multiversity to sneak an infinite multiverse through the back door," Morrison joked with reporters earlier. "The idea is we've been looking at some of the latest idea of string and particle physics….We wanted to actually reflect that. DC was ahead of the curve and ahead of science when they came up with the multiverse. We kind of want to pay that back and create this beyond infinite multiverse."


Look for The Multiversity Too: The Flash sometime in 2016.