Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 2 Recap With Spoilers: The Kindred

Ichabod (Tom Mison) opens “The Kindred” with a dream – that Katrina (Katia Winter) is being [...]

Sleepy Hollow The Kindred

Ichabod (Tom Mison) opens "The Kindred" with a dream – that Katrina (Katia Winter) is being chained at the center of a ring of fire as part of a ritual to wed her to Abraham (Neil Jackson), the Horseman of Death.

Abbie (Nicole Beharie) convinces him to shake it off and gives him a short list of locations where Abraham might be. Ichabod knew the man after all, and Abbie's already late to meet the stern new sheriff, Leena Reyes (Sakina Jaffrey), Captain Irving's replacement.

Ichabod believes Abraham and Katrina will be in the same location where he initially proposed to her. On their way, Abbie fears that spending so much time on Katrina might be a waste of time in respect to Molok's bigger plan, but Ichabod reassures her that Katrina's witchcraft abilities make her an asset to their team.

The duo arrives at their destination, proving that Ichabod is correct: They find the Horseman's red-eyed horse, the preparations for the ritual in Ichabod's dream, and Katrina herself in the window. They return to meet with Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) and devise a plan to free Katrina.

While reading one of Ben Franklin's journals, they learn of the Kindred, a creature said to rival the Horseman of Death, made out of body parts from fallen soldiers. Franklin himself tried to create the Kindred but was missing the final ingredient, a piece of the Horseman himself. Good thing Ichabod and Abbie have his severed head.

Ichabod wants to raise the Kindred, saying that it's their best option, but Abbie and Jenny are skeptical about creating a new monster. While Ichabod analyzes the instructions, Abbie leaves to gather the head, and Jenny goes off to arm them with weapons – just in case.

Abbie visits Irving (Orlando Jones) in prison, where he tells her where to find the Horseman's head. He admits that he thought about telling the truth instead of lying to protect his daughter but knew he would be considered insane. Next, Abbie and Ichabod retrieve the head from a safety vault in the bank, but not before Ichabod gets in a few choice words with a banker who wants him to open a credit card.

While Jenny is gathering weapons from the armory, she runs into Reyes, the new sheriff, who knows about Jenny's criminal record and the fact that she's recently escaped from the psychiatric hospital. Reyes arrests Jenny promptly after seeing the contents of her bag.

Abbie and Ichabod head to the jail to free Jenny, and Abbie tries to tell Reyes that Jenny was there under her instruction. Jenny lies, distancing herself from her sister. This is when Reyes meets Ichabod, of whom she is highly skeptical. She cuts off Ichabod's access to case files and other police business.

At the prison, Irving takes a lie detector test. He admits that it was a demon that committed the murder, but even though he passes the test, Reyes threatens to send him to a psychiatric ward. She warns him of the potential anti-psychotic drugs and electroshock therapy in his future.

Ichabod and Abbie search for Franklin's ill-fated attempt at the Kindred, ultimately getting lost thanks to Franklin's confusing notes. The two have a heart-to-heart chat about Abbie's time in purgatory while searching. She admits that her faith in Ichabod is her greatest weakness, and she thinks his weakness might be either Katrina or Henry.

Eventually they find the family crest of the Italian physicist who invented the battery, and Abbie presses a button on the crest. It opens a shoot nearby, out of which slides a casket containing the Kindred.

At Abraham's place, he and Henry (John Noble) discuss Molok's coming. Henry also talks to his mother, Katrina, mocking Ichabod's upcoming attempt to save her. Katrina begs Abraham not to kill Ichabod, saying that even in the Bible, it doesn't say that the Horseman kills the witnesses. She also pleads to let her accept their impending marriage of her own free will.

Abbie and Ichabod appear outside on the lot and begin their plan. According to Franklin's instructions, the sole requirement to raise the Kindred is to cite an incantation. Ichabod begins to read the ancient words, but when he finishes, nothing seems to happen, so he recites the text again. The Horseman flies by and seems to wake the Kindred, in combination with Ichabod's words.

While the Kindred and the Horseman battle, Ichabod rushes inside to free Katrina, who immediately urges Ichabod to leave. Having convinced Abraham to let her live a bit longer, she thinks she can basically be a spy from the inside. Katrina also wants to try to save their son, Henry. The two kiss passionately after years of Katrina stuck in purgatory, and then Ichabod follows her advice and leaves.

The Kindred and the Horseman are joined in their epic battle by a third fighter, the Horseman embodiment of Henry. Ichabod and Abbie escape amidst the fighting, and Katrina frees herself from the rope but does not run away. This surprised Abraham, as he begins to believe that she might be warming up to him.

Abbie admits that the Kindred was a good idea once they get home, lamenting only the fact that they ultimately lost possession of the Horseman's head. Though Ichabod agrees that creating monsters to destroy monsters is a bad idea, the two are happy to have Katrina secretly helping them.

Abbie goes to visit Jenny in jail near the end of the episode. Jenny understands that her legal battle needs to take a backseat to the prophesized battle against Molok and Henry but asks that Abbie try not to wait 13 years this time to save her.

Lastly, Reyes visits Irving again and wants answers. She can tell that he knows more than he's sharing. Disrupting their conversation and forcing her to leave is Irving's new attorney – Henry. He hands Irving a contract to sign, confirming that he wants Henry to be his attorney. Irving signs the document, suspiciously pricking his finger on Henry's pen before he signs.