SNL: Jimmy Fallon Impersonates The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons

Jimmy Fallon as Jim Parsons

On last night's Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon returned to host, and Justin Timberlake appeared as a musical guest. The duo helped to drive SNL to the show's biggest ratings in over two years.

In one particularly memorable skit, Jimmy Fallon impersonated The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons in a NBC vs. CBS battle on Celebrity Family Feud. During the skit, Fallon wore a Green Lantern t-shirt like the one Parson's character Sheldon cooper often wears on The Big Bang Theory. Fallon was also sure to utilize Parson's trademark phrase of "Bazinga!"

For his part, Justin Timberlake impersonated Jimmy Fallon. At one point in the skit, Fallon appeared to lose it watching Timberlake impersonate him. Check out the entire skit embedded below.